S.M.A.R.T Range (Virtual Shooting)

2 hrs. / $125

Course Overview: (Class Only) 1 on 1 / Small Groups

S.M.A.R.T Range (Simulated Marksmanship Training)

TW’s Trigger Techniques is excited to be able to teach you the fundamentals anywhere, (yep…anywhere). We’re introducing laser-assisted technology to allow students to apply the fundamentals as they learn and get instant feedback without the need for live rounds. Our virtual range allows us to track progress and make adjustments to a student’s techniques in real-time.

This unique hands-on approach to training addresses basic marksmanship, firearm safety, acquiring targets, and advanced techniques while having fun along the way. NO LIVE ROUNDS NEEDED!...NO RANGE FEE!...NO WAITING FOR LANES! You can host this training in a meeting room, hotel, business boardroom, man cave, living room, or church hall. This is a great first step in your journey into firearms. When you're ready we'll follow up with a live-fire training session to confirm and improve marksmanship skills. The training can also be offered for AR-15 platforms.

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