Couples Training

3 hrs. / $150

Course Overview

“Couples that shoot together magically learn to respect each other”; I wonder why?  🙂

Let me help you create some of that magic. Whether you're introducing a firearm into the home for protection, exploring a curiosity, or interested in joining the sport of shooting together, it’s all doable. You never know when your better half will have to be the one to secure a firearm and protect the both of you or be your competition at the next shooting match. The key is for you to learn together in a safe environment and have fun. We will start with safety and familiarization and work our way to fundamentals, marksmanship and future training opportunities. When you’re ready to strengthen that bond, contact TW's Trigger Techniques and let’s get started. I will supply the firearm and the bullets!

FIREARMS: LEAVE IN YOUR CAR until the INSTRUCTOR asks you to bring them into the classroom. Firearm MUST be in a hard or soft case or range bag.

BRING: the owner’s manual if you're unfamiliar with the operation or disassembly of your firearm. When making your reservation tell us the make, model and caliber of your firearm. Bring one box of ammo (50 cartridges) for live fire.


RENTAL: Don't own hearing or eye protection? We can rent you ours. Just let us know when scheduling training. If you have your own hearing and eye protection, bring them.

1 Firearm & 50 rounds        Electronic Hearing Protection - $3        Eye Protection - $2

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