Fun with Friends

Fun with Friends

3 hrs. / $125  (Per Person)

Course Overview: (Simulation & Live Fire)

Imagine a bunch of ladies ready to have fun, or a group of fellas ready to flex a little marksmanship prowess. This is it! Guys, gals, co-workers and friends will have the opportunity to either go head to head in a simulated range environment using laser technology or handle a variety of firearms at the range under the guidance of a seasoned, certified and experienced firearms instructor. Remember, bragging rights last forever. If you’re ready I’m ready. Contact TW's Trigger Techniques and let’s set something up.

(Eye Protection, Hearing Protection, Gun, Ammo & Range Fee included!!)

**Feel free to bring your own Personal Protection Equipment if you just want to show it off.

 **Information required:

 How many people will be in your group? (minimum of 2 required) *
2 people
3-4 people

 What is the overall shooting experience of your group? *
No Firearms Experience
Some Firearms Experience
Lots of Firearms Experience

What dates would you like to request? List in order of preference. *

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