Intro to AR-15 /.22 Rifles

2 hrs. / $100

Course Overview: (Class Only)

Rifles are very different from handguns – so where do you start? Designed with the beginner shooter in mind, this 2-hour class focuses on the basic handling, use, and safe operation of a rifle. Perhaps you have recently purchased a rifle, are considering purchasing one, or want to learn how to use one. This class is for you!

This rifle course is designed to provide a hands-on introduction to the safe handling and proper orientation of a bolt action AR, M16, or Ruger .22 for individuals or small groups. This course is at least two hours in a classroom environment (no live fire) learning to shoot a specific rifle action type. Students will learn the rules for safe gun handling; the particular rifle model parts and operation; ammunition; shooting fundamentals; cleaning the rifle; and continued opportunities for skill development. So, give TWTT a call, and let’s get started.

FIREARMS: LEAVE IN YOUR CAR until the INSTRUCTOR asks you to bring them into the classroom. The firearm MUST be in a hard or soft case or range bag.

BRING: the owner’s manual if you're unfamiliar with the operation or disassembly of your firearm. When making your reservation tell us the make, model, and caliber of your firearm.


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