MD Wear & Carry

16 hrs.- $275/8 hrs. (Renewal) - $150

Course Overview: (Classroom & Live Fire)

"Before you may legally wear and carry a regulated firearm, you must possess and maintain on your person the MSP-issued Handgun Wear and Carry Permit." -

As of 7/5/22, Maryland no longer requires applicants to have  “A Good and Substantial Reason" to apply.

The course meets all of the standards set forth by the State of Maryland for the concealed carry permit. Wear and Carry Permit training is 16 hours of instruction for an original application and 8 hours of instruction for a renewal application. The approved training is offered by a Qualified Handgun Instructor and will include instruction on state firearm law, home firearm safety, handgun mechanisms and operation, and a component that requires the applicant to demonstrate gun safety and proficiency with a minimum score of 70% accuracy.

If all requirements are met, the student will receive the documentation necessary for their application to the MD State Police. TW's Trigger Techniques can’t guarantee that completion of this course will result in a successful acceptance of your application or permit granted by the MD State Police.

**Does not include required passport photo, fingerprinting, an application fee, or range fee.

Fees must be online, by check or money order made payable to the Maryland State Police. Checks must be drawn on active accounts with sufficient funds. If the check is returned for insufficient funds or due to a closed account, the applicant will be required to pay for future requests of the Licensing Division by cashier’s check or money order.

Original/Initial – $75.00 - Fingerprint Fees not included
Renewal – $50.00 - Fingerprints No Longer Required
Duplicate/Modification – Total $10.00

Active/Retired Law Enforcement Officers of this State or a County/ Municipality – $0.00

**Designated security personnel (security guards, private detectives, special police, and armored car drivers/guards) must shoot a practical police course of at least 50 rounds, from no further than 25 yards and score at least 70% accuracy.

All other applicants must shoot a course of at least 25 rounds, from no further than 15 yards with a minimum score of 70% accuracy.

FIREARMS: LEAVE IN YOUR CAR until the INSTRUCTOR asks you to bring them into the classroom. Firearm MUST be in a hard or soft case or range bag.

BRING: the owner’s manual if you're unfamiliar with the operation or disassembly of your firearm. When making your reservation tell us the make, model and caliber of your firearm. Bring one box of ammo (50 cartridges) for live fire.


RENTAL: Don't own a firearm, hearing or eye protection? We can rent you ours, just let us know when scheduling training. If you have your own hearing and eye protection, bring them.

1 Firearm & 25 rounds - $20         Electronic Hearing Protection - $3        Eye Protection - $2

**Range fee not included for 1 on 1 / Reduced range fee ($25 each) for 2 or more students.

Who needs to take the training?

Every original application and renewal application submitted after October 1, 2013, unless exempt. If you are any one of the below you are exempt.

  1. You are an active law enforcement officer with a law enforcement agency of the United States, the State or any local law enforcement agency in the State.
  2. You are a retired law enforcement officer with a law enforcement agency of the United States, the State, or any local law enforcement agency in the State.
  3. You are an active, retired, or honorably discharged member of the armed forces of the United States or the National Guard.
  4. You are a Qualified Handgun Instructor registered with the Maryland State Police.
  5. You have successfully completed a firearms training course by a Qualified Handgun Instructor. (The online firearm safety course is no longer accepted).

Who can obtain a MD Wear and Carry Permit?

Additional documents required per Handgun Permit Category:
1. Owner or Employee of a Business:
(a) Submit photocopies of a Trader's License, Business License, or other legal documents to prove the
existence of the business AND
(b) Provide documentation of business activities that would justify carrying a handgun, such as the transport of financial instruments or other items of value. Examples of acceptable documentation would include (but are not limited to):
1) at least six (6) recent deposit slips documenting business revenue;
2) 3 months of recent bank statements documenting ATM or teller deposits or
withdrawals for business revenue or expenses; AND/OR
3) at least ten (10) recent receipts or invoices for purchased supplies, delivered products, or non-electronic payments collected for services provided by the business.
Note: A letter from your banking institution is no longer acceptable to meet this requirement.
(c) Business employees (not owners) must also provide a letter from your employer on business stationery explicitly requesting that you be allowed to carry a handgun for business duties and explaining, in detail, your duties that would require that you carry a handgun. Documentation may not be redacted, with the exception of personal identifiers of customers or other third parties. Additional documentation may be required to complete your investigation.
2. Professional Activities: Doctors, pharmacies, etc., must show evidence of the legitimacy of business activity and valid certification or license. Additional requirements may apply.
3. Correctional Officers: Must submit verification of employment and documentation of threats and/or assaults.
4. Former Police Officer: If you have resigned or retired, you must show evidence of your tenure in law enforcement, such as a letter from your agency, and a letter from your agency indicating you left in good standing. Additional requirements may apply.
5. Private Detective/Security Guard/Special Police & Railroad Police Commissions: All applicants who are employed as Private Detectives, Security Guards, Special Police, and Railroad Police, must submit a certification of qualification with a handgun from a Maryland State Police Certified Handgun Instructor on an MSP form. A copy of the form letter supporting “good and substantial reasons,” ownership of the weapon, and location where the weapon will be maintained is also required. (This form can be obtained from your employer).
6. Personal Protection: There must be documented evidence of recent threats, robberies, and/or assaults, supported by official police reports or notarized statements from witnesses.

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