Law Enforcement Qualification-Prep

3 hrs. / $125

Course Overview: (Class & Live Fire) w/S.I.R.T

The concept behind this course is simple….train. After the academy, free firearms training is over, and you’re lucky if you get simunitions training during your annual in-service training. I’ve been there, done that, and now I can provide an option. TW’s Trigger Techniques goal is to bridge that training gap and tackle any problems you routinely experience during qualifications. Agencies use qualification scores as documentation of your marksmanship abilities, so let’s raise that score. I was a law enforcement firearms instructor for 20 years. and I know what’s required but nobody knows better than you where the demons live in your training; together we will take them out. The focus will be on the smooth application of the fundamentals, drawing from your holster, weapon transitions, reloads, shooting positions and more.  This course is for handgun, shotgun and patrol rifles. Contact me and let’s get qualified.

FIREARMS: LEAVE IN YOUR CAR until the INSTRUCTOR asks you to bring them into the classroom. Firearm MUST be in a hard or soft case or range bag.

BRING: the owner’s manual if you're unfamiliar with the operation or disassembly of your firearm. When making your reservation tell us the make, model and caliber of your firearm. Bring one box of ammo (50 cartridges) for live fire.


RENTAL: Don't own a firearm, hearing or eye protection? We can rent you ours. Just let us know when scheduling training. If you have your own hearing and eye protection, bring them.

1 Firearm & 50 rounds - $20         Electronic Hearing Protection - $3        Eye Protection - $2

**Range fee not included for 1 on 1 / Reduced $5 range fee for 2 or more students.

EQUIPMENT LIST: Quality handgun that you are versed in its operation with at least 2 magazines or speed loaders, belt mounted strong side holster & magazine pouches (you need 2 mags in pouch), knee pads, elbow pads, shooter’s mat (or yoga mat), appropriate clothing and footwear, brimmed hat, flashlight, hydration system, wrap around eye protection, quality ear protection as you must be able to clearly hear range commands and an open mind.

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