UTAH Concealed Firearms Permit

4-1/2 hrs. / $125

Course Overview: (Classroom Only)

We’re proud to announce that TW's Trigger Techniques now offers the Utah Concealed Firearm Permit course.  The Utah CFP is one of the most sought-after Concealed Firearm Permits in the United States.

 The Utah CFP course is a 4-hour classroom-based course taught by NRA-certified & Utah BCI-certified instructors. Course instruction includes the following topics:  handgun safety rules, handgun parts and operation, ammunition, fundamentals of shooting, safe firearms handling, Utah criminal & traffic code, U.S. federal firearms regulations, BCI administration policy, practical and legal considerations, and more. Although this is NOT a live-fire course and range time is not required, I encourage you to cultivate your marksmanship skills by scheduling 1-on-1 training with me at your convenience. This is not an NRA approved course but utilizes a National Rifle Association Certified Instructor in accordance with the Commonwealth of Virginia’s requirement for demonstration of handgun competency. So if you don’t already have your Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit, you can take the course and apply for the VA CHP and the UTAH CFP.   

Preregistration and prepayment are required for everyone attending this course. This allows us to make sure we have enough course participant packets for each person taking the class. Secure credit/debit card and PayPal account payments accepted. Full refunds are given only if the course is canceled by TW’s Trigger Techniques, LLC. Failure to attend scheduled training will result in forfeiture of a $50 deposit because that training slot has been lost. 1 on 1 session can be rescheduled with prior notification.


The UTAH CFP application process includes:

A course completion certificate, FBI fingerprinting (which is required by the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification), passport photo, and associated fees. 

Each course participant packet contains: 

Course handouts of material covered, CD with course curriculum, a blue FBI fingerprint card, a Utah Non-Resident CFP application, and a self-addressed envelope to mail in all of your CFP paperwork.

**You may be 17 to take the training but must be 18 years of age to submit an application.

**Applicant must be at least 21 years of age for a standard permit.

**An applicant for a Utah Provisional concealed firearm permit must be at least 18 years old and no older than 20 years old.

**Applicant must obtain a concealed permit (CFP, CCW, or CHP) from their home state and submit a copy of it with their application for Utah permit ONLY IF you live in a state that issues concealed carry permits AND recognizes or has reciprocity with the Utah CFP. Residency is determined by your state-issued identification,  below is a list of states with reciprocity.  Maryland & DC don’t have reciprocity with Utah, however, Virginia does. 

Although there are many states that will recognize the Utah concealed firearm permit, the State of Utah has formal reciprocity (written agreement) with the following states:


Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Florida (UT Residents Only!), Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Hampshire (UT Residents Only!), North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania (UT Residents Only!), South Dakota, Texas, Virginia, Washington State, West Virginia


The following states recognize the Utah concealed firearm permit.


Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine (UT Residents Only!)

Michigan (UT Residents Only!), Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Vermont

Wisconsin, Wyoming


The following states DO NOT recognize the Utah concealed firearm permit. 


California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico

New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina

The Utah Concealed Firearm Permit is valid in 30+ states. Because laws frequently change, it is important to keep informed and understand the applicable firearm laws of the states with which you would plan to visit. 

You will need to bring:

    1. ◦If you do not have a passport, please bring your current valid driver’s license and a second form of identification. 
    2. ◦A black ink pen

I would be honored to have you host this classroom-based, concealed carry course for your friends, shooting club, church, or organization.  I require a minimum of 10 people to be preregistered and will travel up to 25 miles from Upper Marlboro, MD.  Please contact me to discuss the possibilities. Arrangements can be made for small groups and 1 on 1 training if needed.


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