“Women Shoot Too”

Hour(s) / Pricing:   (1 Hr. Range Experience - $60/1 on 1; $110/ Couples)

**All other training is available as well. (Small groups welcomed)

Course Overview: (Classroom or Live Fire)  ***Ladies Only***

One of the first Gold medals awarded in the 2016 Olympic Games, was to a young girl (Virginia Thrasher) shooting the 10mm Air Rifle course. Some women shy away from firearms as they shy away from power tools, while others break glass ceilings. My job is to supply the hammer... safely of course.

More and more women are seeking professional training and finding fulfillment in shooting firearms. Your voices and perspectives are needed to balance out the traditional viewpoint and bring a fresh approach to training. I specialize in working with first-time shooters and I realize that ladies have a unique skill set that flourishes in a friendly, female-only environment. Learning the fundamentals of safe gun handling and defensive shooting is the key, and this platform provides ladies with a place to build their confidence. Have fun, show off your gear, bond with your friends and learn a skill that is both exciting and potentially lifesaving.

All of my courses can be presented in a “Ladies Only “environment. Come solo or get the ladies together and make the request. When you’re ready, contact TW's Trigger Techniques, and let’s get this girl power thing rolling.


**Advisory for Pregnant Women and those with infant children: If you plan to attend a firearms course that includes live fire, please visit the links below for more information before registering and consult your physician.



 **Host training at your location for $10 to $20 based on location.

FIREARMS: LEAVE IN YOUR CAR until the INSTRUCTOR asks you to bring them into the classroom. Firearm MUST be in a hard or soft case or range bag.

BRING: the owner’s manual if you're unfamiliar with the operation or disassembly of your firearm. When making your reservation tell us the make, model and caliber of your firearm. Bring one box (50 cartridges) for live fire.


RENTAL: Don't own a firearm, hearing or eye protection? We can rent you ours. Just let us know when scheduling training. If you have your own hearing and eye protection, bring them.

1 Firearm & 50 rounds - $40         Electronic Hearing Protection - $3        Eye Protection - $2

**Range fee not included for 1 on 1 / Reduced $5 range fee for 2 or more students.


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